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Shipping & Delivery

how much is the shipping cost ?

Shipping fees 25 riyals + VAT 3.75 riyals up to 15 kilos, 2 riyals will be charged for every 1 kilo

Cash on delivery fees 15 riyals + value added tax 2.25 riyals

The carriers are SMSA & Aramex

Is the Cash on delivery service available in the store?

Yes, there is a cash on delivery service available in the store by the carrier, Aramex

How can i get free shipping?

In the event if the purchase reaches 299 riyals or more, the customer will receive free shipping (within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

How do I know the location of the shipment?

You will be contacted by the carrier (SMSA or Aramex) to review and confirm the entered information and send the tracking number for the shipment to you, and if you do not receive the tracking number, you can request it from our customer service on the website, we will be happy to serve you.

Expected delivery time?

From two to five working days for major cities such as: Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Tabuk, Mecca, Medina, Taif.

For the rest of the cities of the Kingdom from two to 10 working days.

Do you have international shipping?

Yes, international shipping is available by the carrier Aramex, provided that the customer bears the value of the international shipping policy and all fees related to the customs and tax system for the destination of his request.

In the event that the parcel is returned and he is unable to receive it for any of the reasons, the customer shall bear the value paid for the shipment, and the amount will be transferred to him within a maximum period of 10 working days to the account of the purchase.

Can you deliver to a different address from the customer's location or another recipient?

Yes, you can ship to a different address. When the order is completed, you will be requested to enter and choose the billing address and shipping address, and you can choose another recipient for the order.

How do I determine the time of receipt?

In coordination with the shipping representative.

If you are not at home, our delivery partner will contact you to arrange an appointment at another convenient time for you.

What if I do not receive the parcel within the shipping period specified on the website?

You can contact customer service on the site, we will be happy to serve you



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5 months ago

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Bustan Alward

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